Bethany’s story | Finally… a weight-loss programme that worked for me

Bethany was introduced to SkinnyJab® after years of struggling with various weight-loss programmes and diets. Now, at 30 years old, Bethany has finally began to lose the excess weight and has experienced a notable improvement in her general health and lifestyle.

Here, Bethany talks openly about her weight-loss journey so far.

When I was a child aged 7 or 8 I noticed that I was bigger than other children.

I grew up in New Zealand and lived a very active lifestyle but I was still just that bit bigger than the other kids and I did not understand why.

I was always given healthy and nutritional meals but the weight just seemed to creep on… I put this down to portion sizes and second helpings!

I had always been active but when I moved to Northern Ireland at the age of 9 in 1996 the cold and wet weather meant that I wasn’t encouraged to play outside and I had to make friends all over again.

As a child I think that food became my comfort and when I attended high school I was more aware than ever that I was the bigger kid in the class.

My first diet was at the age of 14 and I lost over 2 stone.

I began to run daily and I was starting to look and feel like a normal teenager… shopping in Topshop, wearing the same clothes as my friends and just doing what teenagers do. I was constantly worried that I might gain the weight again, and sure enough I fell off the wagon.

I started to binge eat and then not eat much for days as punishment.

Fast-forward to my days at university and I found myself living on the typical student diet of takeaways, kebabs and alcohol. As you can imagine the weight crept back on.

I struggled all through my 20s. I attended cognitive behavioural therapy to establish why I ate to comfort myself. I was prescribed Orlistat to not absorb as much of the fat that was being ingested. I lost over 3 stone but I felt hungry and depressed and deprived of the things that I enjoyed.

I decided in my late 20s that I was going to learn to accept myself first and foremost and if others chose to do the same then great if not they were not worth my time.

Having suffered from depression for as long as I can remember I made an appointment with my local GP and was booked in with Caroline Balazs to discuss my current medication. This was the first time I had seen Caroline as my usual GP was off that day.

I found I had an instant connection with Caroline and I just felt like we understood one-another from the get-go. I told Caroline that my medication had increased my appetite and that I was unable to shift the weight I had gained. I had ballooned to 16 stone 12 lbs – the heaviest I had ever been! I was horrified.

Once again I was curious to find out if there was any help available to me… that was when I was introduced to SkinnyJab!

At first I was sceptical – trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING and when I say EVERYTHING I mean from Atkins to cabbage soup to military to laxatives – I have tried them all.

I had a good feeling about SkinnyJab as I had previously seen Caroline in the surgery and I could see the noticeable weight-loss on her. Also, as a trained professional it would be highly inappropriate for her to endorse something that was dangerous to her patients. Caroline and I spoke about the medical trials, SkinnyJab’s origin and how she felt it would revolutionise weight-loss and give people their lives back.

After a discussion with my family I decided that I was going to try the SkinnyJab programme. I had a face-to-face consultation and started on the 14th of July. I wasn’t sure what to expect if I am totally honest. During my consultation I was shown how to self-administer the appetite suppressant with careful instruction. I had my injection around 1pm and without exaggeration within just hours the desire to over-eat, snack and binge was gone. It was like a miracle… I kid you not.

In the first 2 weeks I’d lost 1 stone!

I ate small portions as I found that I could not finish or even attempt large meals. The desire for alcohol had totally left me; previously I was always the first on the prosecco – day or night!

Meeting Caroline has changed my life. As a serial dieter I never thought I would be content with small amounts of food and certainly didn’t think I would enjoy a night out without any urge to have a glass of wine but I have.

Obviously there is a sensible element to the SkinnyJab programme and when you do eat you need to be sensible as to what you are eating but in all honesty you crave nutrient rich food rather than anything else.

For anyone who is contemplating SkinnyJab, all I say is do it… The only thing that you will lose is the unwanted weight that is bringing you down.

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