Boris Supports SkinnyJab’s Battle With The Bulge

Well, it’s been a funny few weeks and finally, SkinnyJab gets the last laugh.

Anyone who follows us, friend or foe, has seen the absolute sheer abuse, criticism, cyberbullying, the name-calling etc, the list goes on that myself and my associates have endured over the past few years.

It all got so bad in January 2018 that I wanted to just disappear because although I fully believed in this weight-loss product and what I was doing, the traumatic effects on my business and personal life were too much to bare.

Especially on one occasion, after another tirade of hate that led to my daughter’s car windows being smashed by bricks on my drive which nearly killed my baby granddaughter. Its one thing being attacked via social media, it’s a whole new level when it gets physical and that was the final straw. This was getting serious and no way was anyone going to hurt my family, this whole SkinnyJab idea, just wasn’t worth it.

At the time I went away to my cottage in Wales to calm down and think about what I was going to do. At that point, my suitcases were packed and I was ready to leave the country, I really had had enough, only so much I could take. It was only because one of my dogs didn’t have a Pet Passport that delayed my escape from it all!

I’m not one to shy away from adversity, I am a fighter and do believe that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. So with this in mind, I went back to my home in Cheshire, unpacked my suitcases and decided to grow a thick skin and soldier on being true to my cause. I did move house at that point, to more secure premises which gave the whole family more peace of mind as I did have a feeling things could get a lot worse and in some ways they did.

As we became more public, the haters escalated their plight on social media, especially when we added a few celebrities into the mix.

This led to more vicious attacks by the press, I’ve attached some of the articles at the end of this piece. I was shunned by TV production companies, daytime TV, magazines & newspapers all turned us down, no one wanted to touch ‘The Controversial SkinnyJab’ brand.

At this point I really do have to give a big ‘Thank-you’ to Gemma Collins and Kerry Katona, at the time, 2 years ago, they were treading on the very dodgy ground by supporting this unknown weight-loss brand. Both have big careers in the spotlight, they certainly didn’t need a small fish like me and took a huge risk by being associated with SkinnyJab. This was a very brave move on their part because it could have had a very damaging effect on their reputations. Normally that is too big a risk for any celebrity to take and we would have been dropped.

The press was never favourable when they went public and they both took and prepared to take these risks when promoting the company. This is because they absolutely believed in the brand because they know it works, it works for them, they supported me throughout even at times when they didn’t have too and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Well ‘What a difference a day makes’! One minute I’m the wicked witch of weight-loss and believe me if this was the 1600’s I would have been burnt at the stake by now!

Next minute we are the best thing since sliced bread! So how did that happen?

One large High St pharmacy chain announced last week in the press that they were the ‘first’ to offer prescribed medicated weight-loss to the general public. Really???

They conveniently forgot to add that this particular company has been following SkinnyJab’s every move since 2017 when I developed this unique concept to tackle obesity.

They are trying to copy (and not succeeding btw) my blueprint, my ideas, my business plan and not only that are now claiming all the glory for all my hard work. The cheek of it!

Now all the press and media are on the band waggon, everyone now thinks this idea is marvellous, the ‘cure’ for obesity is here and even our Boris is on the gravy train.

The press who condemned me only just a few short weeks ago, now thinks that because this large pharmacy chain has been doing it for just 5 minutes that this is amazing. Well hang on, I’ve been doing this for 5 years, I founded the idea and I deserve to be recognised especially after all the hell I went through to get here. So they think they can just waltz in and take my crown and be the heroes, well no way is that going to happen.

Its taken me years of modification, perfecting and finally producing a service that is not only effective, but extemely safe for patients. How can this ‘copy-cat’ general pharmacy chain possibly even hope to compete with a time served genuine company that is wholly committed and specialist in weight-loss stategies.

Well quite simply, they can’t. Pardon the pun, but size is not important in this scenario. They may be bigger, but I challenge them to be better than us.

We know what we are doing, we have teams of specilaist advisors and clinicians at hand all day everyday, giving individual advice and support tailored to your weight-loss journey. As CEO and founder of the SkinnyJab brand, I have invested £1000’s in employing the right people, training my teams to be the very best at what they do. Anyone who doesnt cut it or aspire to my high standards is fired faster than the time it takes for Alan Sugar to raise and point his index finger.

Going back to this this mad ‘get thin on the High St’ idea. Sounds marvellous trotting along to your local pharmacy to pick up this miracle drug, but the reality is alot more complicated. How can a pharmacist possibly assess your suitability for this drug, its one thing rocking up for your morning after pill, but its quite another being dished out a drug that is there to help a minefield of complex issues associated with obesity management.

Weight-loss is a highly specialised and emotive subject, your average pharmacist is not going to be able to unravel or be qualified to deal with the complexities of not only the physical, but mental health issues associated with obesity. But, hang on, I forgot, you then aftercare and support via an ‘app’, what a joke. This is putting patient safety at real risk.

This isn’t a case of ‘one size fits all’, its just beggars belief that everyone thinks that this is all ok. I’m with Piers Morgan on this one, the world is actually going mad.

The drug is only safe and effective with the correct management behind it or it won’t work, side effects will be exhacebated and weight loss results disappointing.

No disrespect to pharmacists, I have several of them in my team, but no way would I ever leave them with the decision to prescribe Saxenda, nor would they want that responsibility.

Using & exploiting pharmacists in this way is just awful, mistakes are going to happen and its not fair to put a pharmacist’s hard earned registration at risk just because this well known greedy pharmacy chain think there is a few quid to cream off with this weight-loss game, its just shocking.

This incredible and marvellous drug, that has changed so may lives for the better will end up getting banned because people unable to deal with it are placed at the helm of prescribing it. It’s all wrong and I am not going to let this happen, so Boris you will be hearing from me very soon.


Caroline Balazs

CEO & Founder of SkinnyJab

P.S. Here’s some links To The  Recent Press Releases Associated With The Above Article

So only 2 weeks ago SkinnyJab is slated in the Mail on Sunday:-

And then 3 days ago Lloyds Pharmacy are hailed as heroes for launching exactly the same drug that we have been working with for 5 years! Just crazy!!

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