Covid-19- Is Nature Fighting Back?

I’ve had my 5 hens for 10 weeks since covid lockdown and what a joy they have been.

Absolutely love them! They are intelligent, loving, just amazing creatures. How can anyone coop them up in small cages in dark sheds.

They love to roam and have space.So easy and low maintenance, they will eat anything and love leftover vegetables, salad and fruit.

We get 4-5 eggs per day and are just delicious, supermarkets cannot even compete with the quality and taste. Each of my hens are different, they have their own individual personalities. How can we be so cruel, I just don’t get it.

If every household had a few hens and looked after them properly, you would have more than enough eggs and would stop this awful battery farming.

They don’t need much space. I keep mine in a pen and then let them out to roam the garden for a few hours everyday. They love it!

At night they stay in their secured coop from 8pm till 7am, so are protected from foxes.

I could never treat my hens like this, its shocking

Recently I bought some vegetable seeds from B&M. Now I have no clue about gardening, but decided to give it a go.I bought some organic ‘miracle gro’ compost, dug a little patch of soil, threw the compost on top and scattered the seeds of carrots, beetroot and radish in rough vertical lines, covered the seeds with a rake and watered every few days.

Never expected anything to happen! 3 weeks later, the radishes started forming and I pulled out the bigger ones.

Unbelievably delicious, never tasted a radish like it!

The carrots and beetroot are now getting big and ready to harvest.I actually cannot believe how easy it was to grow these vegetables, always thought it was rocket science and really complicated. The taste is unreal, couldn’t believe it!Maybe the multi-billion pound food industry don’t want us to realise what we are missing and what we are fully capable of achieving ourselves, right in our own back gardens, makes you wonder.

We all live fast busy lives, so convenience is key. But many people don’t work, some unemployed, some retired, some at home with kids.Before supermarkets, we had to fend for ourselves and be self sufficient to survive. We have completely forgotten how to do that.

We have excess of everything, but have the quality of nothing. This isn’t living, it’s existing, we are the battery hens.It’s all about political economic control and making money. They need us to buy crap from supermarkets, keeps the economy going. God forbid we start doing our own thing.Food packaging and plastics companies would disappear. These are destroying the planet, but it’s big business, so who cares.

The amount of waste we produce is criminal and it’s so not necessary.

The chemicals we use as part of our everyday life is accepted as normal because too many big corporations making too much money to expose the truth.We throw chemicals like bleach, household & toilet cleaners etc down the loo & sink every day.

All these enter and poison our water system. We use plug in air fresheners and aerosols in our homes, these are full of carcinogenic fumes which we are happily breathing in.Shampoo, bubble bath, shower gels, and body washes, full of chemicals that we put on our skin and that also enter the water system.But all of the above are multi-billion industries that need you to buy their products.

This is a huge commercial monster that needs your buying energy to survive. Glamorous packaging with clever advertising and we are all hooked.

I believe that this Covid-19 crisis is nature’s way of fighting back.

Enough is enough and we need to sit up and listen. Nature was here long before our self destructive consumerism and it’s not going to let us get away with destroying this beautiful planet.I don’t believe that it’s any coincidence that we have had the hottest and sunniest spring ever recorded.I think that the reduction in global pollution has encouraged less cloud, reduced smog, clearer skies and resulted in the continuous beautiful weather.

If we all took a bit more responsibility, used natural chemical free products, reduced our plastic waste, bought loose veg and fruit in paper bags, meat and fish from the high st fishmonger and butcher, cooked fresh from scratch, stopped relying on processed food, takeaways etc. If you actually knew what was in a doner kebab and if you saw how chip shop jumbo sausages are made, you would never eat them.

My household is now chemical free and was so easy to do. There are loads of companies on the internet selling natural alternatives for cleaning and laundry. The products smell divine and can be bought in bulk and concentrated form, so last ages.

I have 6 dogs, so accidents happen and I’ve found that if I spray pure white vinegar on my soft furnishings, any smells are naturally, aseptically and very effectively neutralised within hours. Forget Febreeze and similar, this just masks odours, plug-in air fresheners do the same and are unhealthy.

Soy or beeswax candles scented with natural aromatherapy oils are a natural alternative to keeping your home smelling gorgeous.

There is also a theory that all these chemicals may cause hormone imbalances, allergies and inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis.

As a result of this virus, for many of us, our usual routine and everyday habits have been completely altered. We have managed and coped with this change, so maybe its time to look at other ways we can change and make the world a better, healthier and kinder place.

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