Cut Your Diabetes Risk With SkinnyJab

Eating and drinking isn’t only a necessity to sustain life, but has now become an important culture in its own right in our society.

Due to the abundance of food in the Western world, we now eat for reasons of enjoyment and socialising rather than just for pure survival.

The result is that as a nation we’re getting fatter and obesity is on the rise at an alarming rate leading to an increase in the occurrence of diet related type 2 diabetes.

We’ve become addicted to sugar and like any addiction the more you have then the more you want. Crash dieting and reducing our calorie intake has been proven not to work.

We’ve all done it and suffered in a desperate attempt to lose those extra pounds — only to find that when normal eating resumes, the weight

piles back on resulting in the vicious circle of yo-yo dieting.

We’ve wrecked our metabolisms and this is key to keeping our weight under control.

The SkinnyJab is an intense programme that not only helps you to lose weight, but also to recalibrate your metabolism so that weight gain

is very difficult to achieve even when eating normally again. The combination

of a specific dietary plan and the licensed medication not only achieves fantastic results but encourages more long-term healthy choices because your desire for all the naughty stuff

drastically diminishes, even when not

on the programme.

Our war with food and battle of the bulge is finally over. Miserable and punishing diets are a thing of

the past because using The SkinnyJab Programme shields you from the harshness of a reduced calorie regime.

Your body utilises your own fat stores more efficiently for energy rather than using food for instant gratification.

Desire for healthy foods increases, cravings for fatty and sugary junk food disappears. It’s easy to do, andthe benefits to long-term disease

prevention offer an opportunity not to be missed.

SkinnyJab has treated more than 3,500 patients and lost over 20 tonnes of fat from the British public, which has stayed off.

We all deserve to live our lives to the full and feel good about ourselves and, most importantly, improve our health.

With busy lives and stress,compounded by the quick and easy instant availability of food, these factors can be difficult to achieve. But now science has finally brought us something that really does work.

Check out your diabetes risk and BMI on our website

SkinnyJab has centres nationwide, including in London’s Harley Street.

Detox, adopt healthier food choices and cut

diabetes risk by curbing cravings with SkinnyJab

The SkinnyJab is an intense programme that not only helps you to lose weight, but also

to recalibrate your metabolism so that weight gain is very difficult to achieve even when eating normally again BMI (body mass index) on the website

For more information about SkinnyJab programmes and how to book your medical consultation, call an advisor on 0330 900 0970.

Please note that SkinnyJab is a registered trademark — if you’re ringing any other numbers or visiting any other website, it’s not SkinnyJab.

The company doesn’t operate out of beauty salons or nail bars, etc. All consultations are face-to-face. All clinics are run by clinically qualified practitioners specifically trained in

obesity management.

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