The article last Sunday in The Sun regarding taking slimming injections such as Saxenda . causing suicide ideation.

I read this article with horror, this is what happens when patients are not screened thoroughly for a prescription medicated treatment. Things can go very wrong.

Saxenda is like most drugs out there, the general rule is that it is ‘safe in safe hands’.

Clearly this was not the case regarding the patient’s treatment in this article and allegedly up to 5 others as well, beggars belief!!

This is what happens when greedy business people get their mitts on such products and exploit the general public for their own monetary ends. I was equally horrified to learn that this poor woman had been conned out of £1800 for a six month course. How utterly irresponsible of the said named company in the article. Not only is that incredibly dangerous to give a new patient this amount of drugs in one go, but the products only have a 30 day ‘shelf-life’ so 5 out of the six months treatment, absolutely useless. Also she was of a healthy weight, so how could they justify the sale of six months worth of weight-loss prescription medication?

One answer and one answer only, GREED (pardon the pun!)

Stories like this do highlight the dangers of purchasing prescription medications from just anyone, without the adequate checks. As i’ve said it before and will keep saying till I’m blue in the face, prescription meds are ‘prescription’ for a reason, the clue is in the title.

Makes me howl that the said mentioned company was even allowed to become CQC registered. Just because they managed to ‘tick’ all the boxes for all the required red tape, quite clearly does not make them a safe organisation.

Mental health is a complex and specialist area of medicine, the nurse involved (if she was actually a nurse) clearly didn’t have the experience or knowledge to pick up on any red flags during the patients ‘short’ consultation. Also I don’t know of  any nurse who could ethically prescribe that amount drugs to a person of healthy weight. It’s all just very odd.

At SkinnyJab, our vetting process goes through 2-3 highly experienced clinicians and 2 pharmacists before any drug is released to the patient. We assess mental & physical wellbeing, with targeted questions that immediately highlight any potential issues. If we are not all in full agreement, the drug is not dispensed and further investigations are carried out for more information.

We turn people down everyday because for whatever reason they are deemed unsuitable for the treatment.

Most drugs have a long arm list of side-effects, most are very rare, but suicidal thoughts and ideation can be associated with many drugs, not just Saxenda from painkillers, oral contraception to antidepressants etc

The statistical research evidence shown was that 1 in 3500 patients would show suicide ideation whilst taking Saxenda, this is very very rare. To have 5 patients turn up in one hospital, is very very unusual indeed. I don’t think Saxenda is all to blame for this, I think that the company screening process was extremely flawed in this scenario. Hopefully the CQC will take action and sort this mess out, the company is a huge risk to patient safety by the sounds

I know for a fact that we would not have treated this patient in article.

Saxenda is the most amazing breakthrough for weight-loss, we have safely treated 1000’s of patients who have adopted better eating habits, stopped yo-yo dieting and have improved long term health prospects. Our safety record outstanding, because we always put your health before our profit.

I hope the article below highlights the absolute importance and priority of always seeking out the right professionals. Purchasing from beauty salons and online pharmacies is just the worst thing you can do, then the drug gets the blame, when that isn’t always the case, it’s the numpties’ dishing it out!

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