Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the SkinnyJab® plan suitable for?

The SkinnyJab Plan is suitable for men and women aged between 18 and 76.

Who is not suitable for the SkinnyJab® plan?

Children under 18

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Anyone who has had pancreatitis, thyroid tumours, type 1 diabetics or patients taking insulin medications​

Your suitability is fully screened by one of our specialist medically qualified clinicians prior to treatment.​​

How long does a course of the SkinnyJab® plan last?

The first programme lasts 3 weeks minimum and depending on tolerance, max 4 weeks.​

Can I drink alcohol while participating in the SkinnyJab®plan?

You can, but we strongly do not recommend it as can put extra pressure on the liver and can slow down your weight-loss progress.

What are the side effects?

Side effects can vary; we discuss them during your consultation.

Less than 1% of our patients have experienced at most, mild nausea. We have fine-tuned & individually tailor your diet, dose  and aftercare to keep side-effects to an absolute  minimum, if any at all.

Our medical team is on hand to assist you and are trained to manage any side effects that you may experience.

How long has the SkinnyJab plan been around?

SkinnyJab was founded by Caroline Balazs in February 2017, who exclusively owns the rights to use the SkinnyJab brand. We have just had our 3rd anniversary!

However the medications used with the plan have been clinically tested for over 12 years with substantial medically backed research to support efficacy and safety.​

Do you operate out of beauty salons, tanning, nail bars or similar establishments?

Absolutely not.

Our premises are discreet, professional and clinical with state-of-the-art facilities. It is illegal to operate any weight-loss clinic from a venue that is not registered with or undergoing registration by the CQC.​

Most beauty salons or similar establishments would not pass CQC protocols required so to maintain our high standards we do not operate from such places.

How can I be sure that I’m on the genuine ‘SkinnyJab®’ Plan?

There are several unscrupulous ‘copy-cat’ companies advertising SkinnyJab and trading under our name.

We are working with Trading Standards and have a legal team dedicated to keeping the public safe and informed.​

Anybody using the ‘SkinnyJab’ brand to boost their own business are seriously breaching copyright and patent law and misleading the public.​

SkinnyJab is a registered trademarked brand sole owned by Caroline Balazs.​

To be sure that you are receiving the genuine SkinnyJab plan, your initial enquiry must arrive via this website or by calling 0161 27 07 391​​

Other businesses presenting themselves as or promoting a product called SkinnyJab are NOT endorsed by SkinnyJab and won’t offer our dietary plans, specialist expertise or after-care.​

We provide by far the most prestigious after-care support system within our industry.

Our clinical staff have specialist training and qualifications relating to weight-loss and obesity.

Is the SkinnyJab® plan safe?

You can take breaks from the SkinnyJab plan and we recommend you stop when your goal weight is achieved. ​


We offer maintenance programmes and healthy eating plans to help to keep your weight in-check.​

How much does the SkinnyJab® plan cost?

You can, but we strongly do not recommend it as can put extra pressure on the liver and can slow down your weight-loss progress.

How much weight can I typically expect to lose?

We have treated over 15,000 patients since January 2017 – primary research indicates an average 15 lbs weight-loss in 60% of our patients in two weeks.

Our average weight-loss in 3 weeks is 13.4 lbs.​

Do you provide any guarantees?

We cannot give an absolute guarantee because everyone is different.

However our research indicates that 98.5% of our patients achieved minimum of 7 lbs weight-loss in 3 weeks.

0.2% of patients experienced no weight-loss at all.

1.3% of patients were not deemed suitable or suffered severe side effects causing early cessation of the plan.

Can I stop and start the SkinnyJab® plan when I want to?

You can take breaks from the SkinnyJab plan and we recommend you stop when your goal weight is achieved. ​


We offer maintenance programmes and healthy eating plans to help to keep your weight in-check.​

Do doctors prescribe the SkinnyJab plan?

No, the SkinnyJab plan is not a prescription medication.

However, the medications used within the plan are only available with a prescription and can only be prescribed by a medical professional with a prescribing qualification.

What after-care can I expect from the SkinnyJab team?

Here at SkinnyJab we offer unrivalled support and after-care.​Our Clinical Team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our office-based Admin and Clinical Advisors are available from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

We also have a call centre facility which operates 24/7 – if lines are busy or the office is closed we are informed immediately of your message.​

A clinician or clinical advisor is always available. We welcome messages from customers for even the slightest concern; we are here to help and we take enormous pride in our prestige aftercare and patient support service.​

We also contact you at intervals throughout your weigh-loss journey to make absolutely sure that you are doing well.

Where can I find reviews and testimonials from SkinnyJab clients?

We have several genuine testimonials on our social media and website pages.

All of our before and after pictures are from genuine slimmers who have undergone the SkinnyJab plan.​

Can I buy SkinnyJab® online without a face-to-face consultation?

No, we do not provide the SkinnyJab plan without a full clinical health screening and a comprehensive medical consultation.​

The sale of medication in bulk or the prescription of medication without prior assessment by a qualified clinician is dangerous and illegal in the UK.​

Counterfeit operatives, often based overseas offer no guarantee that their products are genuine and may be dangerous to your health.​

Do I need to tell my doctor that I'm participating in the SkinnyJab plan?

You are not under any obligation to tell your own GP.

However, we may recommend that you do in relevant cases. In some cases, we may request a referral from your GP, for instance, if your medical is complicated or leaves any doubt to your eligibility for the plan.

We will not under any circumstances authorise the SkinnyJab plan for you if we feel that your health would be at risk or you contraindicated for the treatment.​

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