Is Phentermine Legal In The UK?

No, it’s not!

In recent months I have seen the recent emergence of the banned UK slimming pill phentermine being sold in clinics. Usually either in a pink tablet form or yellow capsule and each pill has a dose of 37.5mg

Several slimming clinics are now offering this as an option for a weight-loss solution.

Phentermine is arguably the most famous weight loss drug in the world, but in many countries, such as the USA, it cannot be obtained without a doctor’s prescription and only in extreme situations, if obesity is a severe risk to health.

Here in the UK, it cannot be legally obtained at all, although some unlicensed outlets are clearly advertising and supplying the drug. No proper doctor or appropriately qualified professional would ever prescribe this banned substance for risk of losing their registration and being ‘struck-off”, so whoever is ‘prescribing’ it, then their crudentials are very much questionable indeed.

The fact that Phentermine has such a good reputation for getting results is a big problem because many dieters see it as a wonder-pill that will make all their fat disappear and are often so convinced of this they are willing to go online and buy the drug illegally. It has no ‘fat burning’ properties at all.

This is very poor thinking because it is possible that the shipment of Phentermine will be intercepted by the UK authorities. It is equally likely the pills may not be what they are claimed to be and could contain dangerous ingredients.

Phentermine was first introduced in the 1950’s – it was prescribed for obese patients to help them curb their appetite. It has lasted pretty much unchanged for over half a century. Due to nothing else available it was  one of the most sought after diet pills in many countries.

However, since the license of Saxenda for weight-loss in January 2017, this is far safer and a much better healthier way to lose weight. Not only do you keep slim, but encourages a long term healthier eating pattern and good lifestyle changes too

On a chemical level, Phentermine is very similar to amphetamine (Speed) and can be every bit as addictive. This alone is reason enough to avoid the drug

Phentermine is also known to cause a number of nasty side effects, so doctors in the USA are only permitted to prescribe it to patients who are seriously overweight. When people have reached such a level of obesity it can place their health in jeopardy so, in cases like this, Phentermine could be seen as the lesser of two evils.

However, the fact that regulatory bodies in the UK are unwilling to approve the drug’s use at all suggests it is not deemed to be worth the risk..

Possible side effects Phentermine users may experience including dramatic increase in blood pressure and higher risk of developing heart related diseases. Saxenda has been proven to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels in just a matter of weeks

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant.

Pills that work in this way help dieters to avoid being plagued by feelings of hunger and enable them to be satisfied with lesser quantities of food.

Phentermines will still put the body into ‘starvation mode’, so when you stop taking it, all the weight will pile back on and more.

Saxenda efficiently utilises the energy from your fat stores, preventing keto-acidois (if taken correctly under strict dietary supervision) and the weight does not pile back on rapidly either.=

Appetite suppression can be achieved in a number of different ways, in the case of Phentermine it is achieved by manipulating certain hormones.

Once it is absorbed into the body the drug stimulates the adrenal gland, causing it to excrete extra norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. This puts the body into a form of survival mode that is commonly called flight or fight.

This condition would normally only occur during periods of extreme danger and several changes result. One of them is appetite suppression.

Although putting the body into such a state can be a good way to suppress the appetite, it has to be remembered the body would not normally retain such a condition for overly prolonged periods of time. So the wisdom of maintaining flight or fight for an extended period is somewhat questionable.

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that works. There is no denying that, but the drug’s reputation far exceeds its abilities and its use can lead to numerous side effects and/or addiction. Using continually puts the body under a lot of strain and the efficacy wears off rapidly encouraging the patient to overdose to obtain an effect.

There is no reason for anyone to risk any of these dangers anymore when safer options more efficient and effective  weight-loss options are now available. Saxenda will curb appetite just as much as phentermine and also drastically reduces cravings for sweet and fatty substances.

Forget the outdated 1950’s, welcome to 21st Century science for safer more effective slimming solutions.

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