Jamie’s story | How I lost a stone in three weeks!

I’m Jamie, I’m a 37 year old father of two boys aged seven and eight.

In the month leading up to NYE 2017 I lost a stone with the help of the SkinnyJab plan.

Since I was about 25 I’ve struggled to maintain a healthy weight. I’m not exactly sure what changed; in my teens and early 20s I felt as though I could eat and drink pretty much anything I wanted without consequence.

But, during my late 20s I gradually gained weight, slowly growing from a lean 11 stone at age 25 up to a podgy 16 stone at age 34.

In 2014, during the process of adopting our children, my partner and I were assessed by a doctor to check that we were fit and healthy. It was at that stage that I discovered the insidious damage that my weight was causing. I had high blood pressure and at 16 stone I was clinically overweight. Despite the gloomy assessment from the doctor our adoption process continued and a year later the boys moved in with us.

Our sons Richard and Lyall are very active and physically demanding and with my extra weight I was struggling to keep up.

One morning, in the changing rooms at the local swimming pool, Richard (the little one) said to me “Daddy, you have boobies like our Aunty!”. I laughed along but deep down Richard’s comment really upset me.

Feeling more self conscious than ever I reluctantly walked with the boys towards the swimming pool with my arms folded.

That was the turning point for me. I needed to do something about my weight.

Initially I participated in a popular food optimising plan for six months. That was a big success for me, helping me to lose 49lbs and reach a new healthy weight of 12½ stone. I’d discovered a love for tasty, home-cooked food and I’d never felt better. I couldn’t believe how much better I looked in such a short amount of time.

However, maintaining my new slim weight was challenging and over the last year my weight crept back up to 13½ stone.

A friend of mine from school, Sarah suggested that I try to return to my healthy weight with the help of a ‘revolutionary’ new dieting tool called SkinnyJab. I hadn’t heard of it before but apparently SkinnyJab had worked extremely well for her father who had lost a stone very quickly.

So, four weeks ago I set myself the challenge to lose a stone by the end of the year with SkinnyJab.

I was really surprised by how quickly the SkinnyJab plan got to work. The plan relies on an appetite suppressant to reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks and large portions of food – retraining your body to expect smaller portions and less sugar and fat.

I was dubious at first, but sure enough, after just three or four days, my appetite for snacks and treats had almost completely disappeared.

At the beginning of the plan, to embrace it enthusiastically, I deliberately reduced my food intake to just a yoghurt with some oats and frozen fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch and some toast at dinner time.

This got boring very quickly so rather than restricting my choices I chose to eat a reduced portion of the meals that the kids were eating. I cooked everything from scratch using fresh vegetables and spices with low fat recipes that I found online.

During the first week I lost 8lbs!

I was AMAZED by how quickly SkinnyJab was working for me. My first week’s weight-loss was encouraging so for the next couple of weeks I became less scrupulous with my food and relaxed a little, continuing with the smaller portion sizes but worrying a little less about the calories.

The weight-loss continued at a good pace and I continued to lose 3.5lbs a week.

I reached my target of 14lbs weight-loss at the end of the third week, just in time for Christmas.

SkinnyJab’s given me another fresh start… From now on I’m going to try to eat healthy food and maintain my new healthy weight!

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