Keeping the weight off… 5 top tips!

The SkinnyJab® weight-loss plan works fast. Compared with unassisted diets (that’s what we call diets that depend on calorie reduction alone) with average weight losses of between one and two lbs each week, our fabulous slimmers lose an average of 13.4 lbs in just three weeks and up to two stone in just two months.

It’s fast! That’s why the SkinnyJab plan is your perfect solution for an easy, no-nonsense pre-wedding or holiday slim-down.

Here are our five simple lifestyle tips to help you to keep that weight off.

Clear out the kitchen cupboards

We all have weak points, here at SkinnyJab HQ our weakness is bourbon biscuits. If they’re there, we’ll eat them, no matter the consequences. It might sound a little clichéd but if you have naughty food in your kitchen, it will probably get eaten.

Clear out the junk from your kitchen cupboards. It feels a bit wasteful to begin with, but once your cupboards are cleared and the tempting snacks are no longer there, you’ll soon forget about them. If you can’t face throwing stuff away, give it away instead!

Plan your meals

Not only a weight-maintenance tip, but equally a great way to save a few pounds; planning your meals will ensure that you are in full control of your (and your family’s) diet and grocery spend.

Write down a list of tasty meals – a mixture of home-made cooked-from-scratch meals and convenient shop-bought alternatives. Try to stay away from pizza! Then, compile your shopping list to include the ingredients for the week’s meals.

Why not get creative? Plan out your week’s evening meals by writing them on a mirror, window or door in your kitchen with a wipe-clean blackboard chalk pen. You’ll be far more likely to stick to your plan if it’s right in front of you!

Choose low calorie snacks

Ok. You’ve cleared all the junk out of your cupboards – go you! But, you still deserve an occasional snack.

It’s time to refill your kitchen. Choose snacks that are less than 100 calories per portion – this can include cereal bars, fat free yoghurts, nuts, dried fruits, hard boiled eggs, pickles, a variety. You get the idea. Then, restrict your snacking to two treats per day

If you’re still hungry between meals, snack on fresh fruit (we love blueberries, but any fresh fruit is great for weight-maintenance).

Have a weekly weigh-in

Studies show that body weight naturally fluctuates by up to five lbs during the day, so pick a consistent day of the week and time to weigh-in and stick to it. This will enable you to compare your weight week-by-week without worrying about the natural factors that affect your weight during the day.

Once a week, weigh yourself and record the outcome on a calendar or spreadsheet. We recommend a Monday morning to weigh-in, before breakfast, just after going to the loo.

Don’t panic if you’ve lost or put on a pound; when you are aware of your weight, you are in control.

Make a ‘before and after’ collage

If, like us you’ve lost weight with the SkinnyJab plan, you’ve given yourself a fresh start and you will probably feel very proud of yourself and quite right, too! A before and after collage will provide a very helpful reminder of your old larger self and what you’ve achieved.

It’s time to get creative again. Using an app on your phone or computer, produce a ‘before and after’ collage and share the results with your family and friends. We recommend an app called Layout which you can download here.

Remember to tag @skinnyjab into any Instagram pics that you share!

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