‘Beggars Belief’!

‘Beauty Salons Selling Fake Chinese Saxenda”

When I really think that I have seen it all!

We have found several beauty salons advertising and selling this stuff.

God only knows whats in it, with the Chinese writing and all!

This is clearly imported and highly dangerous to inject. No UK registered pharmacy would touch this rubbish.

Saxenda is a prescription medication and can only be obtained from a UK registered medical professional who has prescribing qualifications.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if the authorities do not wake up and get this problem sorted asap, someone will die.

These salons are either extremely stupid and do not recognise the danger they are putting the public in or they just don’t care and want to make a fast buck (probably a combination of both)

Our CQC registered prescriber has reported this to the MHRA and Trading Standards. The public need to be vigilant and be really careful about where they go to get these injections.

The product is fantastic, it works and we have successfully helped so many people with their weight issues.

Everyone who works at SkinnyJab, has your welfare at heart. We are not interested in making quick money.

Over the past 3 years, thousands has been re-invested back into the company, dedicated to research, so that the right programme is individually designed for you.

All our patients have maintained long term weight loss results.

We encourage and advise on a healthy lifestyle through diet plans, herbal gastro-intestinal health packages and exercise that all compliment the medication and for your well-being.

The pen is one thing, but how you use it and where you get it, is quite another….

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