No Plastic Policy

The recent opening of Cheshire’s first ‘The Skinny Company’ retail outlet owned by SkinnyJab is already proving to be a phenomenal success.

Weight-loss pure whole-leaf organic teas, selected organic specialist coffees from the actual coffee growers themselves!

Purest high Ph mineral waters that aid slimming & wellbeing, organic oats & delicious gluten free organic porridge mixes, to start your day the right way.

Non-toxic naturally scented candles that are kind to your home and your lungs

We source all our products individually and direct from the small holder. We do not source from ‘mass production’ outlets. Every supplier has been hand picked by myself to ensure that only the absolute purest, finest & organic ingredients are used.

We use no preservatives, so all products have a very short shelf life to be consumed immediately or within a few days, but you can be assured of freshness every time you purchase from us.

This part of the company started as it means to go on and has a very strict ban on all plastic packaging.

In fact everything within each retail store and everything we sell is packaged in biodegradable or recyclable materials (except plastic)

We won’t use anything related to plastic such as clingfilm, plastic wrapping, bags, boxes etc. Everything is either paper, card, wood or glass.

The UK alone throws away approximately 3.7 million tonnes of plastic every year, this is a disgrace and it needs to stop NOW!

Much of this can wind up in our, lakes, seas, rivers and countryside

No point looking fabulous in a bikini on the beach if you swimming in a sea of vile toxic plastic waste.

Sadly, this is becoming more of a reality everyday.

As a devout vegetarian and animal lover, this is heart-breaking to see wild-life & sea-life killed and destroyed like this.

With a little more thought to our actions, we could really make a huge difference to our environment and protect our beautiful planet

For example, stop drinking from plastic bottles everyday.

Re-usable Glass water bottles with covers can now be purchased in most retail outlets.

The Skinny Company provides ionised completely purified water, available in bulk or in individual glass bottles to purchase at a very reasonable price.

Any glass packaging purchased from our stores can be returned and we will reduce your next purchase by 10%  (T’s & C’s apply)

At SkinnyJab we not only care for your internal health, but we greatly care about helping the external health of our environment.

Not only can we look good, but so can everything around us

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