This is an important message, to let our patients know, that SkinnyJab has NOT joined forces with anyone else and Caroline Balazs does NOT have a new business partner! We are NOT called The SkinnyJab Clinic. That is NOT us.

The competitor that put up this post opposite was hoping to steal our business. They stole Caroline’s picture and the SkinnyJab logo and are calling themselves The SkinnyJab Clinic, this is nothing to do with us.

This is a massive illegal offence as all SkinnyJab intellectual property and copyrighted trademarks are owned by Caroline Balazs.

We are coming down heavily on such activity and we will be suing such parties for loss of earnings from their scamming.

This is totally misleading the public into buying a product that is not ours.

How low will these competitors stoop? They seriously need to think what they are doing. Are they that desperate to claw in business that they need to go to these lengths? These competitors should put their energies into actually providing an honest and decent service instead of trying to copy and steal business from us. But of course that all costs money and its far easier and cheaper to jump onto the coat tails of someone else’s success by lying to the public. They should be ashamed, this is about patients, not profits

They have not invested in the resources to offer the amazing service and aftercare support that SkinnyJab can provide.

Most work out of the back end of beauty salons. This is not an ideal environment for this kind of service. These competitors are not   trained nor qualified in obesity management so ultimately, lying to the public is a concern for patient safety. Where does this end? Can anyone now open a corner shop and call it Tesco? Its just ridiculous that these people think they will get away with it. The public are not that stupid, they do their research.

So a message from Caroline Balazs to all these competitors:

‘If you still think there is a quick buck to be made, then think again. Running a business like this and to the scale that we have now achieved has taken £1000’s & £1000’s of investment, 24/7 time, passion and dedication to build it to the successful brand that it now is. There are no short cuts and no half measures.

Go and do 6 years study to Masters degree level in a University and work 25 years for the NHS before you are any competition to me. So go back to your beauty salon day jobs and leave the clinical experts to get on with it. Because one day you may have a serious patient malpractice lawsuit on your hands due to your unqualified and inadequate care, is it really worth the risk?’

SkinnyJab Genuine Contact Details:

0203 802 1817

0161 270 7391

0194 272 8225

0161 907 6942

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