SkinnyJab Gold

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This is a 6-12 week course designed to help you lose 1-3 stone.

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SkinnyJab Gold is the leading weight loss treatment used by over 15,000 everyday people to lose 1-3 stone in just 6-12 weeks.
1. Eliminate cravings – You’ll be able to eat less whilst avoiding the cravings for those troublesome snacks.​​

2. Reduce appetite – ​the programme also helps to suppress your appetite for big portions of food which effectively shrinks your stomach.3. Release stored fat – ​The SkinnyJab plan will help to regulate the glucose level in your blood, allowing your body to use your stored fat for energy.

4. Develop lasting habits – the SkinnyJab® plan provides you with a unique opportunity to develop marvellous eating habits. These will last even after you complete the programme.
Start your transformation today and join the thousands of everyday people who’ve lost 1-2 stone and changed their lives!


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