Amy H
Thank you so much SkinnyJab! Not only have I lost the weight desired my sugar cravings have decreased massively and finding I’m eating so much more healthy after finishing the SkinnyJab course.

Very happy with the aftercare as there was always someone available at the other end of the phone when I needed to speak to someone. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting to lose that last bit of weight or if your wanting to cut down on your sugar intake – The SkinnyJab course really helps to achieve this!! Thank you again so much!

Helen R
Fantastic!! These guys know what they are doing! From the dietary advice and the easy access to the support services. I had a million questions in the beginning and the team were always helpful and I could speak to a clinician at anytime. I lost over a stone in 5 weeks and I am now on a maintenance plan and so far its working!

Gee N
I have always had huge carb cravings. Keeping my appetite in check Takes up a serious amount of time and energy.

And I rarely win the battle! That is until I started to use the weekly skinny jab pen. It really is a miracle! I no longer have the sugar cravings and neither do I obsess about food. For the first time ever I am in control, and it feels fab!

I don’t over eat, I’m in control of food portions. I am so so happy. I feel free and I have lost weight! Saying “ no thank you” to a glass of wine or a slice of cake is so liberating – Skinny Jab works and is worth every single penny. If like me you want to take control of your food and drink intake and reclaim your life then this is it! It doesn’t get any better than Skinny Jab.

H Selby
I am overwhelmed with the results I have had. I have lost 1 stone 4 pounds in total. So so impressed. It has truly educated me with my eating habits.

I feel so much healthier and comfortable, albeit I want to lose at least another stone, which I will do with the help of the second SkinnyJab injection.

Thank you to all of you wonderful people on the SkinnyJab team that have helped and guided me. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Come on people, you too can lose that stubborn weight healthily and wisely. If I can do it, anyone can.Thank you so much.
Kind regards Hilary

Paula H
I am in my 4th week and on my third pen. I have lost 1 stone but the inches are even better.  Looking at wanting another stone before my wedding in 7 weeks.Losing the weight has given me more confidence and my intended really lover the new me and loves to see me smile xx

Dawn B
I started Skinny Jab 17 days ago and I’ve already lost 10 LB. I’m thrilled to bits with the weight loss and I can already feel a difference in the way my clothes feel and fit. I’ve just ordered another 3 pens. I’m totally committed to this now and want to lose 5 stones. Well on the way already 🙂

Toni K
I’ve just started my 2nd Pen (so going into the 4th week) and I’ve lost 1st 5lb already. My total weight loss goal is 5st, so already well on the way. I am so happy!!

I’ve literally tried every diet going and nothing has worked like this. My confidence and personality is already starting to come back, so I can only imagine what I’ll be like when I hit my goal weight. Thank you so much for giving me my life back!!!!

I can’t thank SkinnyJab enough for all their continued support on my weight loss journey I have lost two stone in 2 months and I feel absolutely amazing and my self esteem and my confidence has never been better and I feel so much healthier and happier within myself  The Clinical Support is outstanding and the team are always on hand for help , advice and support Thank You SkinnyJab you come very highly recommended

I’ve been on skinny jab 2 months and found it amazing lost weight and inches and not put anything back on It’s been the best thing I have ever done as I have always struggled with my weight and the team at skinny jab have helped me and been so informative with ways I can progress my weight loss going forward .

Charlene D
I started Skinny jab in Sep 2017, I did 3 pens in total, I lost a stone in the first 3 weeks and then a further 21lbs, losing a total of 35 ilbs.I’ve kept it off with healthy eating and exercise and I highly recommend it.It completely recalibrated my body after years of yo-yo dieting! Thank you Skinny jab x

Kayley S
SkinnyJab is professional and gave me amazing aftercare during my weight loss programme, I was a bit worried as there are a lot of companies looking for your money and not caring about your health.  they reassured me each step of the way and I have lost just over two stone! I am so happy with my results and I would highly recommend this weight loss company to anyone who is wanting to lose weight because it actually WORKS!!! No more bad dieting or binge eating. My metabolism is back in shape and this programme has helped me to eat healthy food.   Thank you so much!

Five days in an I’m 3kgs down. Typically, this kind of weight loss would involve punishing exercise routines and restrictive dieting for me but I’m never felt healthier. I’m not craving any junk food (I was a sugar addict) and am eating healthy, nourishing foods when I’m hungry. My eyes are brighter, trousers looser and my attitude to food is the healthiest it has ever been. This was never about weight loss for me, it was about gaining control over emotional eating and I feel like I’ve got my balance back. THANK YOU!

I tried this from another company who took my money, sent me the pen and I never got any aftercare or support. I called SkinnyJab and was given professional advice and aftercare. Defo look out for the fake sellers out there, luckily Caroline was understanding and helped me out. I’ve managed to lose 23 lbs with two pens. I feel and look much better, thank you SkinnyJab!

Rachel M
I had a course of SkinnyJab 6 months ago after seeing an article in The Daily Mail, the company was in total chaos due to the sudden overwhelming demand, but I did lose 17 lbs. I have only gained 5lbs in that time, so now on the maintenance programme. The company has improved no end,I was really impressed with my experience 2nd time around. X

NJ Williams
The SkinnyJab Team are amazing. Would highly recommend, just be aware of the fakes.I made that mistake first time around and was ripped off. SkinnyJab are so professional and helped me every step of the way. I lost over 2 stone in 7 weeks in January and to date, I have not put any weight back on. Thrilled!! Thank you xxx

Great service, brilliant aftercare support. I lost over 15 lbs in 3 weeks, Best thing I’ve ever done. C xx

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