The Next Generation of Skinny Jab

Expected weight loss is 10-18lbs in the 4 week course.

Skinny7 is a new and exclusive medication that’s great for when you’ve reached a plateau with the daily Skinny Jab.

Skinny7 is 60% better AFTER a few courses of the daily injection.

It’s one injection every 7 days and one course lasts 4 weeks. 

It’s much more convenient if you find injecting every day a struggle!

You can purchase a Skinny7 below, please fill in all your contact details with your FULL name, billing & shipping address on the payment form 

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​All Skinny7 orders take 3-10 working days and will be dispatched once we have spoken to you​

If you are a repeat or new Skinny7 patient, you can use the link below to purchase.

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Call us if you would like to enquire.

​Skinny7 is £500, however it’s currently on offer for £350 or two for £600! 


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