SkinnyPill is the FIRST of its kind!

The medication has the same active ingredient as the weekly jab but because of how our body processes oral tablets, it’s been created as a daily tablet to ensure enough of the medication stays in your system longer.

It is the FIRST and ONLY available pill available on the market and it is brought to you by us alongside our nutritional programme.

How does it work?

SkinnyPill works in three main ways.

It regulates the key hunger hormone effectively reducing your appetite.

It slows down the gastric emptying process, meaning that your body takes longer to process food and it is fuller for longer.

And it helps to speed up your metabolism by helping the liver break down glycogen and stimulating the release of insulin to break down sugars effectively for your own body’s needs without causing a sugar-crash.

This avoids the urges for quick-fix sugary foods.

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