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You may of heard or tried every diet on the planet and nothing seems to work, the world has given up on weight loss because we lose the weight and then it piles back on a week later!

SkinnyJab is a weight loss programme tailored to YOUR needs and goals.

‘Medically Approved Weight Loss Solution.’

This really is the solution to weight loss! SkinnyJab is designed to suppress your appetite and curb those nasty cravings, losing up to 15lbs in just 3 weeks!

Sound to good to be true?

Take a look at the benefits of SkinnyJab

What are the BENEFITS of SkinnyJab?

SkinnyJab is the NO1 Weight Loss & Slimming Clinic in the UK. Here is a briefing of how you can achieve a healthier and better you!

1) SkinnyJab is designed to boost metabolism and energy  

2) Reducing Fat (unlike other diets you lose water weight, with SkinnyJab you lose REAL fat!)  

3) You are losing weight quickly, safely & effectively  

4) The weight is more difficult to creep back up after you have finished the programme  

5) SkinnyJab is licensed for weight loss & medically approved  

6) Our specialists help you achieve & maintain a healthy weight loss goal according to your BMI, Height & Weight  

7) We have 24/7 Hour Aftercare. A clinician is always at the end of the phone to listen to any of your troubles or problems you may have.  

8) SkinnyJab has a designed a food programme to work with the Jab. After a year of research, we have finally found what works with our weight loss programme for you to achieve best results possible to you.  

9) Most importantly, you are training yourself naturally with a 3/4 week programme of how to eat less, reducing your portion sizes & eating more nutritious foods, stoping sugar & fast food cravings to take over  

10) You see results within just a matter of weeks!

So what do I do now? How do I sign up?


Bookings & Enquires

Call 0330 9000 970

Direct Line 0161 266 2343

Here at SkinnyJab, we understand that you may of tried and tested every diet out there. SkinnyJab is officially the answer to weight loss.

Reduce your risk of becoming over weight. Your health MATTERS!

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