The Essex Clinic Launch- DIVA STYLE!!

Doing it in style, as always!

Last week saw the star studded official opening of SkinnyJab in Brentwood Essex.

The store is located next to Gemma’s boutique in the very quaint and historic Roper’s Yard.

Caroline decided to open a retail outlet there, on recommendation and business advice from Gemma.

The event was a huge success with a sea of journalists and paparazzi looking for a slice of this revolutionary phenomenon that is changing the slimming and dieting industry  as we know it.

Gemma went on to do several interviews at a press conference, talking about her fantastic experience with SkinnyJab. As always, the true professional gave an amazing insight to how SkinnyJab has helped with her weight issues. Video footage of this interview, coming soon.

Gemma emphasised, that other companies providing a similar service, are not the same as SkinnyJab. She picked SkinnyJab originally because Caroline is the owner and founder of the brand, she is passionate about weight-loss because knows the misery it can cause. This struck a real cord with Gemma and they have become firm friends ever since. She also warned of the copy-cats pretending to be ‘SkinnyJab’ and advised that the public seek out the genuine product and do their research to make sure that they are not being mislead.

Caroline is also a very highly qualified professional, educated to Masters degree level in Advanced Clinical Practice. She has worked within the NHS for over 30 years, mainly in GP settings, so has much knowledge and experience in health related obesity issues and is a keen advocate for improving long term health and lifestyle through education and advice.

Gemma made it clear that she is only using the  SkinnyJab Programmes because they are the experts and know how to get results. Plus they support and look after you throughout.

This isn’t about a ‘quick fix’ like how other companies promote. This is about the long term aspects of improving health and disease prevention.

Other rivals are illegally using Gemma’s photos on their social media sites, she does not endorse these companies whatsoever. She has instructed lawyers to stop using her photographs in this way as is a breach of copyright and is misleading the public.

Caroline has now worked with Gemma for several months throughout 2019. She was behind Gemma’s mystery weight-loss whilst she was on Dancing On Ice. At the time, lots of theories surrounded this, but she finally came clean and revealed the truth, that it was by using the SkinnyJab programmes that she lost over 3 stone in weight.

Gemma is re-appearing in Dancing On Ice at Christmas, so Caroline will be helping her to get in tip-top shape for this.

Losing weight helps with movement and flexibility taking pressure off the joints. Gemma has expressed that she would love to give ‘Strictly’ a go. We watch this space……..

For more information on SkinnyJab

Call 0203 208 1817

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