Why Fashionable Diet Fads Are A Con

The diet industry is a multi-million money making industry and just like the beauty industry, it’s created on a solid foundation of clever marketing, a bunch of lies and false hopes.

We, the consumer buy into this concept everyday, wasting our hard earned cash on the promise of achieving perfection.

Sadly the diet industry is anything but perfect and has actually created more problems than it has solved. But that’s ok too, because the clever marketers don’t want you to get off the dieting ferris wheel, not now, not ever!

New diets emerge everyday, we have done them all from F-Plan, Weight-Watchers, Slimming World, Atkins, 5:2, SlimFast, Celebrity Slim, Cambridge and the recent buzz of ‘Keto’ dieting.

With so many options out there, we should all be stick thin! But in the last 50 years we are actually getting fatter, the food industry doesn’t help, but even when we do try to cut back and be healthy, still nothing really works long term.

Dieting can work short-term which is why we all get sucked into the dream, but the actual long term reality is a complete nightmare. We end up getting spat out, left feeling miserable, a failure and fatter than we started.

And guess what, that is not your fault. Dieting not only causes a lot of psychological damage, but also physically, even after doing one punishing regime, the damage done is often irreversible.

When we go on a diet, our bodies are consuming a lot less calories than the body needs to function. You initially lose some weight, but the body starts to panic and is pre-designed to conserve energy. So it does mainly 2 things, firstly slows metabolism and secondly starts converting any stored glycogen in the liver into fat.

So the minute the diet is over and return normal eating pattern, the body will soak up every calorie like a sponge, so has enough reserves in place for if dieting/starvation occurs again. This results in sudden weight gain and before you know it, you are back to where you were and more.

Each time you attempt to diet, the harder it is for the body to release its fat stores into energy, the metabolism, by this stage, is also completely screwed up.

SkinnyJab is completely different and really is a revolution for losing weight and keeping it off. The medication part of the programme releases your fat stores into energy, normalises your metabolism. Blood sugars are kept stable, so the body is consistently in a status-quo and balance, not stress. The long term results are phenomenal, not one of our patients put back on all their weight. Over 85% have maintained their weight loss goals for over 2 years.

Plus, its licensed and proven to work with actual proper medical scientific research. The health benefits for preventing diabetes, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol are again scientifically proven.

We are not a sales and marketing consortium, we are a nurse led healthcare company with a duty of care to help people have happier and healthier lives.

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